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About Atomic Tattoos and Body Piercing

Atomic Tattoos was founded in October 2001 by four extremely dedicated tattooing and piercing professionals with over 40 years combined industry experience.

Our primary goal and mission is to create an organization dedicated to the prosperity and success of tattoo artists and body piercers worldwide. Our organization is locally owned and operated in every market by tattoo artists for tattoo artists!

Atomic Tattoos and Piercing operates Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Milwaukee's premier tattoo and piercing studios. Atomic Tattoos has convenient locations around Tampa Bay in Clearwater, Brandon, Lakeland, Largo, New Port Richey, North Tampa, Palm Harbor, South Tampa, St. Pete, and West Tampa. Atomic Tattoos has convenient locations in the Milwaukee Area on both the East Side and North Side of Milwaukee on North Ave. Atomic Tattoos has convenient locations by the University of Central Florida in Orlando and at the Florida Mall in Orlando.

  • Atomic Tattoos exceeds industry standards in quality, cleanliness, safety, service, price, and excellence.
  • Atomic Tattoos employs only the most experienced and advanced tattoo artists and piercing technicians.
  • Atomic Tattoos stocks the latest and widest selection of body jewelry and tattoo designs.
  • Atomic Tattoos artists are accomplished in a variety of mediums and capable of creating custom designs.

Atomic Tattoos is dedicated to providing a supportive, stable, and educational work environment for artists, piercing technicians, and employees.  Atomic Tattoos is dedicated to improving the industry standards of the Tattoo and Body Piercing Industry both for consumers and tattoo artists and body piercing technicians.

Atomic Tattoos is dedicated to providing customers the highest quality tattoos and piercing services, the highest quality artists and piercing technicians, and the cleanest, safest, and most comfortable environment in the industry to get tattooed or pierced. The premier choice for all your tattoo and body piercing needs is Atomic Tattoos.

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