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Atomic Army Stream

  • This is considered the most obvious along with the most logical place begin.
    profile 6 days ago
  • Come see me in the shop this week! Follow my Instagram for more piercing pictures @stabgawd
    profile 6 days ago
  • Then they dive on the seawater, going about 105 meters deep.
    Handle the laptop with care and exercise patience when charging this task.
    profile 6 days ago
  • Tommy Johnson added 12 new photos in TATTOO album
    • 39167152_10214981165675874_7359790696397537280_n
    • 38920519_10214954837377683_4015090459440316416_n
    • 37771097_10214836336295230_2316751607670243328_n
    • 37754052_1932551783450121_7573429615310405632_n
    • 37654565_10214825622907402_9140947298002403328_n
    photos 6 days ago
  • It can be advised which use their microwave ovens more than their conventional ovens.
    profile 7 days ago
  • What’s up atomic army! So excited to be apart of this gang of artists! HMU on my Instagram @durk_piercings or thru the shop in palm harbor. I’ll see you in the chair!
    profile 14 days ago
  • Check the tolerances, the thickness of cables you will also 'solid' the frames perhaps may be.
    profile 15 days ago
  • Lance Conklin changed profiletype to Tattoo Artist
    wall 19 days ago
  • Austin Durk changed profiletype to Body Piercer
    wall 21 days ago
  • Giuliana Oppenheimer changed profiletype to Tattoo Artist
    wall 23 days ago
  • Hector Rivera changed profiletype to Tattoo Artist
    wall 37 days ago
  • Comment on the album Robyn's Photos
    Ed Umpierre will ALWAYS be my artist. All I have to do know is pick out placement and what I want next. Think probably my ankle and maybe the ZEN symbol.
    albums 47 days ago
  • I was so happy with Ed's work on the yin yang (which did not scab at all by the way) I came back and had him tattoo the "OM" symbol on me. I'm deciding on where and what to get next. I will always go to Ed as my go to artist. He makes you feel very comfortable. And no, the inside of my arms where the tats were done did not really hurt just a tiny bit uncomfortable. Don't be afraid!!
    profile 47 days ago
  • I got my first tattoo from ED 3 weeks ago. It's the yin yang. It's a bit close up, it is really only a little larger than 1/2 dollar. I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect as people I've talked to always say they hurt so much. Not the case. Ed was professional, courteous and down to earth and would ask if I needed anything and if I was ok. I was absolutely fine.
    profile 47 days ago
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