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25 year old Master Piercer with 2+ years experience practicing in safe piercing techniques! Completed my apprenticeship under Trey Marsh who has 28+ years experience. I am versed in creating custom bends, I also enjoy creating unusual jewelry placements for each client to have a special and unique look. I am currently working at both the North Tampa mondays 12pm-9pm and Ybor locations Tuesdays 6pm-2am and Thursdays 6pm-2am.
I pride myself in my ability to make each client feel safe and comfortable as I perform each piercing quickly and safely for the most relaxed experience possible. If you have any questions about availability or my work the BEST way to reach me is at my email cori.clark@atomictattoos.com
you can also see my work on my Instagram page @giingerbiiscuit

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Cori Clark

Cori Clark

Walk In availability
Monday North Tampa

Tuesday Ybor
6pm - 2am

Thursday Ybor
6pm - 2am

Sundays Ybor
11am - 6pm
6pm - 12am (these shifts rotate)
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