Gwendolyn Montgomery's Photos

by Gwendolyn Montgomery . Updated: 3 years ago

Four microdermals on a chest
Five microdermals in a tattoo
Two lower back microdermals
Lower navel
Forward helix with a stud
Daith with heart jewelry and two cartilage piercings with intertwining heart jewlery
Three microdermals on a hip
two cartilage piercings with stud jewelry
Six microdermals in tattoos on stomach
Six microdermals and a navel piercing
double nostril
Microdermal in a tattoo on the ribs
Two microdermals above a butt crack
Double industrial
Daith with heart jewelry
Cartilage orbital with heart jewelry
triple forward helix
Two microdermals in a tattoo on the neck
Industrial (a little more vertical than the usual horizontal)
Three cartilage piercings with stud jewelry
Conch with a ring
Microdermal to dot the "i"
Forward helix with a hoop
Two microdermals
Three cartilage, daith, and tragus
Three microdermals around a lower navel
Horizontal nipple
Lower back microdermals
Three microdermals on a chest
Two forward helix
Double nostril
Three microdermals on the top of a foot!
Double tragus
Double cartilage with two heart shaped hoops!
Tragus, two lobe piercings, vertical industrial, two cartilage piercings, and a (very swollen) orbital with heart jewelry!
Bridge, septum, and nostril
Two nostrils done with hoops. The first piercings I did at our NEW Ybor location!
Microdermal on the cheek.
Three cartilage in a row.
Triple helix cartilage
Double conch!
Five studs arranged in a cute design
Five studs, opal in the center
Three studs in a row. She came back a few weeks later to add two more and upgrade to an opal stud in the center.
Double nostril with 18 gauge captive bead rings
Horizontal labret
5 in a row!!!
Little baby corset style piercing on the top of a wrist
Conch with circular barbel
If u read my profile it tells u about me but also describes u to the T when it comes to women with tats and piercing. so don' freak out I,m going to ask u to be a friend.
1991 days ago
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